Springfield, KY

Saver Group, Inc.

Job Description – MEAT MANAGER

Reports To: Meat Director/Merchandiser

Hourly Position

Store Manager

Note: This document describes the major responsibilities of the Saver Group Meat Department Manager. Management reserves the right to assign other duties as required to ensure efficient store operations.

General Qualifications:

Essential Functions/Job Responsibilities

Compliance with all Saver Group Policies including:

Note: Meat manager is responsible for profitability of the meat department at all times. Adherence to ordering and pricing policy ensures that goals will be met.

Product Quality

Sanitation and Cleanliness



Employee Responsibilities:

(NOTE: Saver Group requires full disclosure of driving records and driver’s license information with proof of such to be provided prior to employment)

Security and Shoplifting

Environmental Conditions/Physical Requirements:

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