West Union, OH 45693

Saver Group, Inc.

Job Description – Tobacco Manager

Reports to: Tobacco Supervisor/Store Manager
Hourly Position

Note: This document describes the major responsibilities of the Saver Group Tobacc
Manager. Management reserves the right to assign other duties as required to ensure efficient store operations.

General Qualifications:
• 2 –3 years retail experience, including managing people.

• Must have a customer service orientation and willingness to deal with people daily; ability to keep smiling even when customers complain.

• Able to perform basic accounting functions; degree of computer literacy required.

• Ability to count money and make accurate change.

• Ability to arrive at work on time.

• Ability to self motivate to get the job done even when fatigued.

• Ability to work flexible schedules – (seven day a week operation with weekend and evening hours.)

Essential Functions/Job Responsibilities:

• Customer Service – Acknowledge the customer with a smiling face and remember that the customer always comes first. Develop an overall awareness of where products are and assist customers who are looking for products. Always make our customers know that they are important and special to us. Handle all customer questions and concerns.

Management Responsibilities (Tasks that only managers perform)
Manage all tobacco clerks

 Make price changes in computer (register) as directed by Tobacco

Supervisor, Central Office or Store Manager.

 Order new stock semi-weekly.

 Assist Store Manager with hiring employees as needed.

 Work with Tobacco Reps who call on store.

 Schedule Tobacco Clerks for each day’s business needs.

• Balance bank deposits with the cash register daily.

• Balance cash drawer at end of each shift worked

• Ensure that all scheduled inventories are completed.

• Stay current with and implement all buy downs.

• Complete all required reports on a daily basis.

• Stock shelves as needed.

• Ensure that the tobacco section is clean and neat at all times.

• Respond to customer requests for products that we don’t carry. Make
Tobacco Supervisor aware of requests.

• Suggestively sell products to customers; be aware of both fast and slow moving items and recommend as appropriate.

• Take checks only for the amount of purchase.

• Be aware of the potential for theft of both products and money; be aware of the “quick change artist” who may come through the check out lane.

Cashier’s responsibility is to make the manager aware and not confront the suspected thief. Manager should take steps to deal with the “thief”.

• Check all invoices for shortages and proper billing.

• This position may require travel and include safe operation of company owned vehicles .

(NOTE: Saver Group requires full disclosure of driving records and driver’s license information with proof of such to be provided prior to employment)

Environmental Conditions/Physical Requirements
• Lengthy periods of standing required.

• Work in a tobacco smoke environment.

• Stay busy when customers are not in the store.

• Must be able to lift 20 – 30 lb. boxes of product.

• May have to lean, stretch and reach through the Drive-Through Window
used by customers.

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