Danville, KY 40422

Saver Group, Inc.

Job Description – NIGHT MANAGER

Reports To: Store Manager
Hourly Position

Note: This document describes the major responsibilities of the Saver Group, Inc. Night Manager.
Management reserves the right to assign other duties as required to ensure efficient store operations.

General Qualifications:

 Customer service orientation and willingness to deal with people daily.

 Excellent communication skills; willingness to teach employees.

 Knowledge of the grocery business; 1-2 years experience preferred.

 Ability to create teamwork environment.

 Attention to detail throughout the store (All departments and tobacco outlet.)

 Ability to manage the financial assets of the store.

 Ability to delegate.

Essential Functions/Job Responsibilities

 Customer Service – Meet customer needs with a smiling face and remember that the customer always comes first. Always make our customers know that they are important and special to us. Handle all customer questions and concerns

 Financial and Operational Responsibilities:

 Night Manager is required to close the store 5 days a week. Changes in schedule must be approved in advance.

 This position is a backup to the Store Manager. He/she must know all items on the manager’s duty list. He/she, along with the Assistant Manager, assumes the manager’s role when the manager is out of the store.

 Complete a store tour at the end of the day. Note the condition of the store and communicate conditions to department heads, stockers, and store manager prior to opening the following day.

 Provide backup for cashiers as needed.

 Grocery orders – make out, punch in and transmit

 Get authorization from HR, Operations Supervisor, or COO before giving out loans or making payments out of safe. Unauthorized payments may result in your termination.

 Check all invoices for shortages and proper billing.

 Check all vendors into the store in front of the registers and under camera.

 Ensure that all policies and procedures are adhered to .

 Ensure that all resets and new items are worked into the sales floor.

 Make sure front and back of the store is kept clean and running in proper order with regard to state codes and regulations.

 Leave notes for the opening manager concerning events that happened the night before and what may need to be followed up on.

Employee Responsibilities: (Coordinate all duties with the Store Manager.)

 Communication is the key to a successful Saver Group, Inc. manager.

 Read, understand, and enforce Saver Group’s policies and procedures.

 Be fair and consistent with all employees.

 Teaching – Continually teach team members how to best do their jobs.

 Update attendance calendars.

 Employee complaints – Listen to employees; give unhappy workers an opportunity to be heard. Keep accurate records of these situations.

 Inform Store Manager, HR, or Operation Supervisor immediately of urgent matters: discrimination, harassment, insubordination, suspected drug usage/under the influence, safety concerns, policy violations, accidents/injuries. Urgent matters are not limited to these examples.

 This position does not have the authority to discipline, hire, or terminate employees.

 Keep all information, including but not limited to medical, performance, and personal information about employees confidential, unless speaking to the Store Manager, Operations Supervisor, or HR.

 This position may require travel and include safe operation of company owned vehicles .
(NOTE: Saver Group requires full disclosure of driving records and driver’s license information with proof of such to be provided prior to employment)

Security and Shoplifting

 Security – Ensure that back doors are locked and security cameras are in proper working order.

 Allow only management or key carriers to check in vendors.

 Only management/key carriers should have access to the office, safe, and management functions on the register.

 Only management/key carriers should have alarm codes.

 Review trash before employees take it to dumpster.

 Shoplifting – Create environment in which employees will report all potential shoplifters to you and follow proper procedures.

 Keep accurate counts of the safe.

 Complete the temperature checks.

Central Office Support

 Staff – Use support staff to assist with any questions or problems.

 E-mails – Check e-mails several times a day. Respond when necessary or pass along to intended recipient.

 Policies and Procedures – Ensure staff awareness of all policies and procedures implemented by the

Central Office and comply with guidelines.

Environmental Conditions/Physical Requirements:

 Lift boxes and equipment up to 50 lbs.

 May be required to be on one’s feet for extended periods of time.

 Some exposure to outside weather conditions.

 Stocking required on sales floor.

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