Harrodsburg, KY 40330

Saver Group, Inc.

Job Description – MEAT MANAGER

Reports To: Meat Director/Merchandiser

Hourly Position

Store Manager

Note: This document describes the major responsibilities of the Saver Group Meat Department Manager. Management reserves the right to assign other duties as required to ensure efficient store operations.

General Qualifications:

• Customer service orientation and willingness to deal with people every day.

• Knowledge of the meat business; 1 – 3 years experience preferred.

• Attention to detail throughout the department.

• Ability to manage people and delegate tasks.

• Ability to create a teamwork atmosphere throughout the department and within the entire store.

• Ability to be a “working manager,” i.e., do the work and manage the department.

• Acknowledge all non-smoking areas in the store – smoke only in designated areas.

Essential Functions/Job Responsibilities

• Customer Service – Meet customer needs with a smiling face and remember that the customer always comes first. Always make our customers know that they are important and special to us. Handle all customer questions and concerns.

• Compliance with all Saver Group Policies including:



Note: Meat manager is responsible for profitability of the meat department at all times. Adherence to ordering and pricing policy ensures that goals will be met.



 Grinding logs are completed

 Cleanliness/Health Department Policies

 Weights and Measures Compliance

 Follow all store requirements when checking in vendors.

 Check all invoices for shortages and proper billing.

• Product Quality
Quality is a primary concern for all Meat Managers.

Ensure that meat is fresh at all times.

 Pull any distressed meat from case and dispose of properly (mark down, reduce or trash.)

 Ensure proper refrigeration in all cases, coolers, and freezers at all times.

 Properly rotate fresh meat cases, coolers, and freezers.

 Maintain Daily Temperature Log for coolers and sales floor cases.

Post daily outside coolers.

• Sanitation and Cleanliness

Comply with all Health Department standards.

 Wear rubber gloves and hats in areas required by Health Department.

 Cutting room sanitation responsibilities:

1. Break all equipment down daily.

2. Clean with soap and water.

3. Rinse with water and sanitizer.

4. Use sanitation equipment supplied in the store.

(Government accepted sanitized equipment)

5. Clean cutting room every twenty-four hours. Cleaning process takes approximately one hour to complete.

 Dispose of trash and cardboard throughout the shift.

 Breakdown, clean and sanitize cases and coolers monthly.

 Ensure that the tobacco usage policy is being followed.

• Safety

All meat cutters must wear a cutting glove on the opposite hand that the knife is in. (Protection for the hand used most often.)

 All employees must use the push rod for preparation of hamburger meat.

 Ensure that proper guards are on all tenderizers, slicers and saws.

 Proper safety equipment in all situations is a requirement in Saver

Group stores.

 Train meat department employees on correct safety policies and procedures.

 Report broken equipment to Store Manager immediately. Maintenance request form should be filled out and sent to Refrigeration Supervisor,

Corporate Office, Meat Merchandiser, and Operations Supervisor.

 Broken equipment should be shut down, unplugged, and tagged immediately.

 Report any accidents or unsafe conditions to the Operations

Supervisor. Complete the Saver Group Incident Report immediately; keep copy and forward copy to the Central Office, Meat Merchandiser and Operations Supervisor.

• Inventory

 Conduct monthly inventory as per planned schedule.

• Employee Responsibilities:

 Communication with employees is the key to a successful Saver Group meat manager.

 Ensure that all policies are being followed.

 Teaching – Continually teach team members how to best do their jobs.

 Hire, discipline and terminate employees with the assistance of the
Store Manger – Handle these situations on a timely basis and keep good records on all employee situations.

 Promotions, bonuses, raises – Award based on performance and always implement based on agreed criteria and on a timely basis.

 Schedules – Budget sales and work hours. Create schedules based on input from department heads.

 Handle all situations in a respectful manner.

 Employee complaints – Listen to employees; give unhappy workers an opportunity to be heard. Keep accurate records of these situations.

 Report any unethical or illegal complaints to Store Manager,

Operations Supervisor and HR.

 This position may require travel and include safe operation of company owned vehicles .
(NOTE: Saver Group requires full disclosure of driving records and driver’s license information with proof of such to be provided prior to employment)

• Security and Shoplifting

 Shoplifting – Create environment in which employees report all potential shoplifters to you and follow proper procedures.

Environmental Conditions/Physical Requirements:

Lift boxes and equipment up to 50 lbs. (Required) Team lift heavier items.

 May be required to be on one’s feet for extended periods of time.

 Exposure to temperature extremes (freezers, coolers, store temperature, outside temperatures).

 Handling sharp knives and other equipment (such as slices) that can maim individuals.

 Must work with the potential for slick floors in cutting room.

 Exposure to cleaning chemicals.

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