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Saver Group, Inc.

Job Description – PRODUCE MANAGER

Reports to: Produce Merchandiser/Store Manager
Hourly Position

Note: This document describes the major responsibilities of the Saver Group Produce
Manager. Management reserves the right to assign other duties as required to ensure efficient store operations.

General Qualifications:

• Experience in produce is helpful but not required.

• Supervisory experience needed in managing people. (Note: Personnel from other functions of the store assist in produce as needed. Produce Manager must assign work and follow up to ensure that work is completed.)

• Experience in ordering and merchandising product is desired.

• Customer service orientation, friendly personality.

• Excellent communication skills; willingness to teach employees.

• Strong work ethic.

• Ability to self start and complete work assignments

• Desire to grow in the job/ with the company.

• Acknowledge all non-smoking areas in the store – smoke only in designated areas.

• Flexible in work schedule, may vary week to week.

Essential Functions/Job Responsibilities:

• Customer Service – Meet customer needs with a smiling face and remember that the customer always comes first. Always make our customers know that they are important and special to us. Handle all customer questions and concerns

• Ensure freshness and quality through rotation of product throughout the department.

• Train new personnel.

• Complete tasks as assigned by store manager and Produce Supervisor.

• Inventory product on hand and generate orders per delivery schedule.

• Maintain prices as set forth by the Produce Supervisor; Prices should be verified from computer printout to signage weekly

• Set up and maintain all displays.

• Follow all store requirements when checking in vendors.

• Wear rubber gloves and hats in areas required by Health Department.

• Maintain Daily Temperature Log for coolers and sales floor cases. Post daily outside coolers.

• This position may require travel and include safe operation of company owned vehicles .
(NOTE: Saver Group requires full disclosure of driving records and driver’s license information with proof of such to be provided prior to employment)

• Ensure that following activity list is completed each day:

General Activities:

Check temperature of refrigerated case and walk-in cooler.
Cull the complete produce sales area.
Identify out of stock items and fill the primary out-of-stock items first.
(Primary items: bananas, potatoes, bagged onions, lettuce, salad, tomatoes, cabbage.)
Fill the secondary out of stock items.
Fill the Special Promotion displays (Example: Special strawberry display, promotional apples, and promotional oranges.)
Start at the beginning of the refrigerated case and complete filling of the rack using 100% rotation.
Fill table displays with 100% rotation.
Fill potato and onions displays using proper rotation.
Generate and complete paperwork on a timely basis.
Rework culls and document loss on shrink chart.
Reduce sub-standard product enough to sell the product the day of reduction.
Process enough packaged product to last until close unless your store utilizes an evening produce clerk.
Refill and straighten department a minimum of every 2 hours.
Communicate to the evening Store Manager a list of items processed and ready for fill. If you have an evening produce clerk leave a to do list to work from.
Clean prep station and sinks at the end of the day.
Sweep and mop the prep area floor at the end of the day.

Receiving Deliveries:
Check the load against the invoice for proper billing.
Report overages and shortages to the Store Manager .
Inspect product for quality and condition. If you identify product that is not acceptable, report the problem with a completed credit request to the store manager.
Put load away in designated storage areas, maintaining proper rotation of the product.
Code date all product on the end of each box with the delivery date to assist in proper rotation.

Special Assignments:
Maintain gross profit as determined by Produce Supervisor.
Maintain shrink factor as determined by Produce Supervisor.
Make price changes as directed.
Conduct monthly inventory.
Wipe down front of refrigerated case and tables.
Make weekly signs.
Inventory backstock before placing order.
Clean mirrors weekly.
Wash cooler walls quarterly.
Scrub backroom floor – weekly.
Clean refrigeration cases – monthly.
Clean day tables – monthly or as needed.

Environmental Conditions/Physical Requirements:

Lift boxes and equipment up to 60 lbs.
May be required to be on one’s feet for extended periods of time.
Exposure to outside weather conditions.
Stocking required on the sales floor.
Extremely busy periods accompanied by slow periods; produce workers are expected to be working at all times.

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