Springfield, KY 40069

Saver Group, Inc.

Job Description – MEAT CUTTER

Reports to: Meat Manager
Hourly Position

Note: This document describes the major responsibilities of the Saver Group Meat Cutter. Management reserves the right to assign other duties as required to ensure efficient store operations.

General Qualifications:
• Customer service orientation, friendly personality.

• Experience in cutting meat.

• Strong work ethic.

• Ability to self start to complete work requirements.

• Ability to get to work at assigned starting times & complete assigned shifts.

• Desire to develop skills and grow in the job.

Essential Functions/Job Responsibilities:
• Customer Service – Meet customer needs with a smiling face and remember that the customer always comes first. Always make our customers know that they are important and special to us.

Handle all customer questions and concerns.
• General Responsibilities – Assist the Meat Manager in operating the meat department according to
Saver Group, Inc. policies set forth in the job descriptions for Meat Managers. Meat Cutters must be able to operate the department in the absence of the meat manager (such as on days off and/or vacations.)

Meat cutters are expected to adhere to the Saver Group dress code.

Meat Cutters are expected to adhere to all Saver Group company policies, cell phone and tobacco usage policy included.

Always use and/or wear provided safety protection devices.

Ensure that meat department safety procedures are being followed at all time. No horseplay.

Work to build and maintain a strong working relationship with Save A Lot corporate personnel.

Abide by Saver Group’s cleaning standards.

No open food or drinks are allowed in the meat department.

• Meat Department Responsibilities (Daily):

Turn on all case lights and check of out-of-stocks.

Pull any distressed meat from fresh meat case and dispose of properly (mark down, reduce or trash).

Restock any out-of-stocks with fresh meat having priority.

Fill fresh meat case, lunchmeat and frozen meat as needed. Properly rotate fresh meat case and fresh meat cooler. Ensure that proper rotation is being followed in cases as well as coolers and freezers.

Check all cases, coolers and freezers for proper refrigeration.

Clean meat department to Health Department and Saver Group standards.

Check and monitor all price tags and signs. Make sure price changes are completed and new price tags are on all products.

Ensure that proper cleaning procedures are being followed at all times.

Price check the entire meat department at least once a month.

Follow up on all items designated as needing attention on meat merchandiser’s checklist.

Ensure that all safety policies and procedures are being followed by everyone in the meat department.

Cut product based on the needs of the customers.

Complete customer’s requests for cut product.

Ensure that fresh meat is labeled with the correct price and product name.

Report any unsafe conditions to the Meat Manager and Store Manager.

Grind hamburger, complete grinding logs.

Ensure that proper cleaning procedures are being followed at all times.

Check out with manager on duty at the end of your shift to ensure Saver Group’s cleaning and stocking standards are met.

Environmental Conditions/Physical Requirements

• Regular work with slicers, knives and sharp cutting blades.

• Lift product boxes and equipment up to 50 lbs. (Required) Team lift heavier objects.

• Carry product to sales floor. (Required).

• Extremely busy periods accompanied by slow periods; meat department employees are expected to be working at all times

• Exposure to cleaning supplies/chemicals.

• May be required to be on one’s feet for extended periods of time.

• Regular work in both coolers and freezers; temperature extremes in working environment.

• Continuous cleaning of cutting room required.

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