Corrosive Chemicals should only be used in the meat department, where there is an eyewash station.

3M and Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pad

Betco Easy Task

Betco Glare

Blue Soap Pads 10ct

Boardwalk Dust Mop Treatment

Clorox Cleaner + Bleach

Clorox Clean-up Cleaner + Bleach – Original

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes – Citrus Blend



Formula 409 Multi Surface Cleaner

Gain Flings – Original

Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges

Hot Shot Flying Insect

Hot Shot Roach & Ant

Kay Block Whitener – Corrosive

Kay Delimer

Kay Drain Treatment

Kay Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Kay Foaming Lotion

Kay Food Grade Lubricant

Kay Hawk Degreaser – Corrosive as purchased, not when diluted

Kay Pot and Pan Detergent

Kayquat II

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner – All Scents

Lysol Clean & Fresh

Lysol Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner – Sparkling Lemon & Sunflower Essence

Lysol Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaning Foam – Aerosol

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – Kitchen Scrubber

Novel Wash Bleach – Corrosive

Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner – Original

Progressive Products – Disinfecting Wipes

Raid Ant & Roach Killer

Retail Chlorinated Cleaner – Corrosive as purchases, not when diluted

Retail Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner with Peroxide

Scotch-Brite Never Scratch Soap Pads

Spartan Damp Mop

Tide Pods – Original

2x Ultra Tide

2x Ultra Gain Original HE