Training Videos

Hazard Communication/GHS Training – All employees need to watch.

Hazard Communication Training (new SDS labels) – All employees need to watch.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training – All employees must be trained annually.

Written Safety Plans

Written Hazard Assessment

Hazard Communication Plan SGI

Hazard Communication Plan SGT

Hazard Communication Plan ST

BBP ECP for Collateral Duties – Grocery Stores and Sheds

BBP ECP for Collateral Duties Shed – CTS, Lebanon, KY, Southland, Berea #2


Using a Fire Extinguisher

Emergency Action Plan – Be as specific as possible when filling out this form. Instead of saying to meet “outside,” say to meet by the Tobacco Shed or cart corral. If you say to meet outside, everyone will be spread out and accounting for all employees will be difficult.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination

2021 Safety Checklist

The chemicals in your store must be approved. Only the chemicals listed in the links below have been authorized.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – EnglishSpanish

Power Jack Safety & Training

Daily Check List – Keep on a clipboard beside the jack. Fill out before using daily.

Notice of Completion  –  Fill out this form when employees have completed the training. Send back to the office for their file.

Operator Manual